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Month: December 2011

12 Locations of Light I

12 Locations of Light Originally Posted January 2011   This series is not intended to be a comprehensive list of places to photograph on Lake Superior, rather it is simply 12 of my favorite photography locations on the lake. Most of the locations listed I have been to several times–some so many times I can’t count. Ironically, however, I …

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Stack Ice on Lake Superior

Ice Report for the North Shore Originally posted March 2011 There is still some “pancake ice” down in the narrows near Duluth, and protected harbors. The open lake is fairly clear. The chance for any significant stack ice is slim to none for this year.

Purchasing a Tripod I

Originally posted March 2011 Purchasing a Tripod  Part One When photographing landscape-scenic-nature subjects after your camera body your tripod is your most important piece of equipment . There is no one perfect tripod, each make and model has it’s good and bad features, and just like your camera you get what you pay for. Most …

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