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December 2013

May 2013

Dark eyed Junco at my feeder. Last week I complete two Master’s programs! I finished the requirements for my Master’s of Education (my official graduation ceremony is this weekend) and I completed the Master Naturalist course through the DNR. To view my research project on Photographic Literacy go Here is the second article in …

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April 2013

  Great Grey Owl that came to visit my feeders this morning. This is the winter that never ends. So far in April we have received over 30 inches of snow! One one good result will be the spring run-off which  hopefully will bring the level of Lake Superior up. Last weekend I gave my …

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Photographing Night Skies: Part II; the capture

Photographing Night Skies Part II: the capture.   Photographing at night can give you dazzling results, but your camera technique had better be spot-on! Using maximum apertures and high ISO’s are one of the techniques and as such require particular care in the shooting and post-processing of the image. In the last newsletter I discussed …

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Photographing Night Skies: Part I; the gear

Photographing Night Skies Part I: the gear.   Photographing after the sun goes down can offer some of the most exciting and yet challenging opportunities for a photographer. Night photography stretches the capabilities of the photographic medium, will most likely challenge the capabilities of your equipment, and will test the limits of your photographic technique. …

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