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12 Locations of Light II

12 Locations of Light

Originally posted February 2011
 Tug of the North

This is the second part of a three part series called 12 Locations of Light. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of places to photograph on Lake Superior, rather it is simply 12 of my favorite photography locations on the lake. Most of the locations listed I have been to several times–some so many times I can’t count.

The Route we will take for our “Circle Tour” will be clockwise around the lake. We will begin near Duluth Minnesota and conclude near Superior Wisconsin.

Part Two:

Hurkett Dock

Hurkett  Dock is located aproximately 50 miles east of ThunderHurkett Dock Bay on TransCanada Hwy 11/17. At the sign for Hurkett turn right onto Hwy 582, take this road just over one mile where you will see a small gravel road on your right that goes over a RR track. There is a sign that indicates the road leads to a water access. Take this gravel road about one mile. Park in the parking lot. There is a lot to photograph here, old abandon fishing boats, working fishing boats, shacks, back water with wild rice, views of the lake. The light has always been great every time I have been to this location. The backwater bay and opposite shoreline around the bay is part of the Hurkett Cove Conservation Area .

Most of my photography here has been in the morning.


48  50′ 25.61″ N

88  29′ 17.29″ W

RossportBattle Island Light

Once you are back out on the TransCanada Hwy 11/17 Rossport is about 60 miles east. Turn right at the sign for Rossport and follow Main Street a short distance into town. There are four significant locations at Rossport;

1)      Rossport Inn a great little B&B run by Ned Basher and his wife. While the RR tracks run about 30 feet in front of the hotel and the trains going by will most likely wake you during the night, it is a great place to stay and eat.

2)      Serendipity Gardens is a great restaurant for any meal during the day.

3)      Town dock, there are several boats that dock here and more than one Capitan who is willing to charter his boat. Rossport is the gateway to the Channel Islands a beautiful part of the lake and worth the cost of the boat charter for an afternoon of shooting. Battle Island Lighthouse sits atop a large rock on the last island before the open water of the lake. Ned at the Rossport Inn can hook you up with a boat Capitan.

4)      As you leave Rossport and get back on the TransCanada Hwy 11/17 about two miles east on the highway look for a little rock island just 100 feet out in the lake, just past this island is a gravel road to turn off on. Park on the gravel road and walk back down the highway (inside the guard rail) to the view of the island.

Morning or evening is a good time to photograph here.


48  50′ 11.78″ N

87  30′ 22.65″ W

Neys Provincial ParkHerring Skiffs at Neys

Once you are back on the TransCanada Hwy 11/17 Neys Provincial Park is aprox 54 miles further east. Access to the park is controlled thru a park access road. The park is  open from May 21st thru Sept 19th. I have been in the park on a couple of occasions after the normal season but this requires hiking over 3 miles down into the park and back out. Neys is not a large park, and most of the primary photo opportunities are in fairly easy walking distance of the parking lot (when the park is open.) The beach area parking lot is the best spot to start from. The beach offers great views of the lake and a stream that flows into Lake Superior. Hike about 1/2 mile to the rock point east of the beach for some spectacular views of Canadian Shield rock stretching out into the lake. Also out on the point are the remains of some Herring Skiffs from a bygone era of commercial fishing. Morning or evening is a good time to photograph here.


48  46′ 47.26″ N

86  36′ 55.85″ W

Michipicoten First Nation-Red PointRed Point

From Neys Park it is about 135 miles east to our next location; Red Point on the Michipicoten First Nation. From Wawa go a little over 3 miles east on TransCanada 11/17 to High Falls Road, turn right and follow this road through the town. On your right you will see “High Falls” well worth the stop. Keep on Michipicoten Harbor Road past the waterfalls for approximately 6 miles, turn right onto Red Point Road, go another  two miles. The road will come to Red Point Beach a community park and sacred ground for the Michipicoten First Nation. When I was there I spoke with some local people who told me it was fine to enjoy and photograph the area-however, please respect the sacredness of this area. From the beach you will see Red Point a large rock that juts into the lake, it is truly one of the most interesting geological features found anywhere on Lake Superior. The rock is a mix of basalt lava and small to medium granite stones mixed into the basalt lava shelf. The texture and color of the rock is very photogenic and makes for interesting foreground.

Morning or evening is a good time to photograph here.


47  57′ 37.26″ N

84  56′ 01.52″ W