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12 Locations of Light I

12 Locations of Light
Originally Posted January 2011
 Hurkett Dock Light

This series is not intended to be a comprehensive list of places to photograph on Lake Superior, rather it is simply 12 of my favorite photography locations on the lake. Most of the locations listed I have been to several times–some so many times I can’t count. Ironically, however, I had never made a complete circle of the lake until this last fall when I lead the “Circle Tour” workshop. Previously when I went exploring around the lake I would go either north or south and make it half way around then turn around and come back by the same route. Now I can finally say I have made the complete circle tour.

The Route we will take for our “Circle Tour” will be clockwise around the lake. We will begin near Duluth Minnesota and conclude near Superior Wisconsin.

Part One:

Stoney PointStoney Point B&W

Stoney Point is located mid-way between Duluth and Two Harbors. Take the Scenic Highway 61 from Duluth. Opposite the entrance to “Tom’s Logging Camp” on the right side of the road is a gravel road called Stoney Point Rd. Turn right and follow this road about 1 mile just before the gravel road rejoins Scenic Hwy 61 is a wide spot in the road sufficient to park your car. Work the shoreline back down the shore in the direction you came. This is one of my favorite locations anywhere on Lake Superior and it is located very near to my home base. This location is rich with photographic subject matter and the light always seems to be moody and mystical.

GPS: 46 55′ 42.31″N  91 48′ 48.59″W

Two Harbors

Two Harbors BreakwaterOur next location is the area around Two Harbors. There are in fact several great places to photograph around town. Perhaps the best location is the “Breakwater” in Two Harbors. This structure was built to protect the harbor in Agate Bay. It juts into the lake on Lighthouse Point. To get there from Hwy 61 in Two Harbors go to the intersection of 7th Ave and turn right towards the lake, go 7 blocks. On your left you will notice Waterfront Gallery and ColdSnap Photography, stop in and visit if you have the time. From the gallery turn north east on 1st Ave and go 4 blocks to 3rd St. Turn right and go about the equivalent to 3 blocks to the parking lot. Please note that for several weeks in the summer of 2011 the parking lot will be under construction, alternative parking should be available. The breakwater and trails around “Lighthouse Point” are great places to photograph.

GPS: 47 00′ 38.47″N  91 39′ 51.70″W

 Hovland Dock at twilightHovland

While this location is limited in subject matter I am fascinated by the “Hovland Dock” which is the run down remains of a cement dock structure that harkens back to an era of ferryboat service on Lake Superior. From Hwy 61 turn right on County Hwy 88 or Chicago Bay Road. Go about 3-400 ft to dock structure on your right.

GPS:  47 50′ 20.14″N  89 58′ 12.61″W

Red Rock Point

Perhaps my favorite place on all of Lake Superior. This location has light that is always magical. The flora is a rich combination of boreal forest and tundra lichens on the rocky shoreline. I have been here countless times and every time I go to photograph I come away with another image that I can’t wait to display. The property is owned by the Grand Portage Reservation and is open to the public but please tread lightly; no camping overnight and no fires allowed. On Hwy 61 go to mileage marker 139.5, look for dirt forest road on right side of the highway. Turn off highway onto the dirt road, go about 1-200 ft and park your car. Follow the old forest road on foot out to the point. Please respect private property on the northeast and southwest ends of the shoreline.

GPS:  47 54′ 23.40″N  89 45′ 33.05″W

 Sunrise at Red Rock