May 2013 - ColdSnap Photography

May 2013

Dark eyed Junco at my feeder.Dark eyed Junco
Last week I complete two Master’s programs! I finished the requirements for my Master’s of Education (my official graduation ceremony is this weekend) and I completed the Master Naturalist course through the DNR. To view my research project on Photographic Literacy go
Here is the second article in a series on photographing the Minnesota Natural Landscape. As I promised I am publishing the notes from my Spring Break talk in a sequence of newsletters. I have extended the number of articles from three to at least four–possibly more. There is simply too much information to fit it all in a fewer number of newsletters. As I said before I will expedite my publishing schedule and try to get the next two newsletters out at 2 week intervals or less. I am doing this to accommodate any summer travel plans you may be forming.
I am continuing my series on working with panoramic images in this newsletter with an article on tips for post processing.
I have also featured Spring Reflections Workshop at Madeline Island in June for one last call. Due to some last minute drops there is still room. This workshop offers a great opportunity to have lots of one on one time both in the classroom working with Photoshop as well as in the field.

Stop by next time you are up north–the tea pot is always on.



John Gregor