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The Fine Art Print

ColdSnap Photography Studio near Two Harbors MN

For the digital photographer: Photoshop can appear to be a dauntingly complex program, but most photographers’ needs are deceivingly simple-they just want to make good looking prints from their images. This workshop is an in-depth look at the process of making high-quality fine art prints. We will conduct a comprehensive exploration of the digital image workflow, from post processing of the digital original (using either Lightroom or Camera Raw), to massaging pixels to perfect tone, color and sharpness (with Photoshop history brush, histograms, levels and curves, proper burning and dodging and sharpening for print).

We will also cover  consistent color management and monitor calibration. You will be able to practice all of the techniques on your own images, and will leave the workshop with finished prints. We will experiment with a variety of printing papers, substrates, and print sizes. Our digital lab includes a variety of Epson printers with capabilities up to 24 inches wide. Our presentation will be refreshingly straightforward and practical.


This is a classroom only workshop.  Instruction will include:   Photoshop technique, color management, color space, using ICC Print Profiles, paper/media selection, issues related to print resolution, image sharpening for print output, editorial post-processing manipulation, and print presentation.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Classroom orientation begins 9:00 am.

Monitor calibration, Printer calibration. Printer profiles—what are they, how to create your own, and how to use them. Post processing for the printed image. Using Adobe Camera Raw for the best possible fine art prints, adjusting; white balance, exposure, contrast, color clarity and saturation. The importance of sharpening, what tools to use and how to adjust for the best possible prints.

Day 2

Printer settings. Types of paper. Photo black or Matte black. Sizing your image for output. How to make big enlargements. Much of the day will be spent making test prints and fine tuning image files for print output.

Day 3

Open Lab and making large prints.

This is a past workshop

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