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The Fine Art Of B&W In The American SW

Bluff Utah

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April 7-13, 2022



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Are you ready for B&W?

B&W is the foundation of Fine Art Photography. Creating a compelling B&W fine art image and print is challenging. This workshop will give you the skills from camera to computer to a printer that will give your B&W images Adamseque quality.


This workshop is a combined field and classroom experience. It is designed for photographers that are intermediate in level who have an interest in creating fine art B&W imagery.  Photographers will learn the best camera technique to create compelling fine art quality prints. The workshop will include equal time in the field and in the classroom. The small group nature of the workshop ensures that everyone will have lots of one on one time with the instructor.


ColdSnap Photography Studio.           Bluff Utah

April in Bluff  is the perfect time of the year, there are no bugs, the light is enchanting and the temperatures are very comfortable. The crowds are minimal. It is that perfect time between the cool winter and hot summers.

If you are traveling from out of state or have never been to the area before contact us prior to making your travel plans. We can help!

We are based out of Bluff Utah. While this little town (Population 350) isn’t easy to get to—that makes it ideal for photography as you are not fighting the crowds. There are several hotels and restaurants in town which makes it ideal for a base of operations. The small and quiet nature of Bluff will warm your heart and add to your workshop experience.

We begin and end our tour in Bluff. The tour includes ground transportation during the workshop, (Chevy Suburban XL, so plenty of room). I have made arrangements for your rental car or your car to be parked at a safe location in Bluff while we are on tour. We will visit Valley of the Gods, Cedar Mesa, Monument Valley (native guided tour), and countless other locations on the backroads of the region.

The nearest international airports are Durango CO, (2 1/4,  hour drive, connecting flights might be a challenge), Phoenix  AZ (5.5 hour drive), Salt Lake City UT (5.5 hour drive) or Grand Junction CO (3.5 hour drive, connecting flights might prove challenging.) Stay in contact with us as we may be able to carpool you with other participants who are attending. While getting here is a challenge–it is well worth the effort!


The workshop begins on April 7 at 9:00 am. So you will want to schedule your accommodations starting on April 6th!

We don’t have a fixed itinerary as locations and sites visited will depend upon weather and light conditions. The 7-day duration of the workshop will allow us to work at a steady but unhurried pace and allow us ample opportunity for field shoots and classroom time. We will spend approximately an equal amount of time in the field and classroom. Some days will be classroom intensive and some will be field shooting.

Typical days will include sunrise and sunset photoshoots. We will cover multiple locations in the Cedar Mesa area. This workshop includes a backcountry tour of Monument Valley if it is open for guided tours. This guided tour will be provided by a Native American Guide Harry Nez.  Some hiking will be required but the exercise level of this workshop is at a moderate level. If you have any concerns please contact us prior to registration.

The workshop ends on April 13 at about 1:00 pm.



Cost: $1895

A non-refundable deposit of $200 will hold your registration until 60 days prior to the workshop.

Maximum of 4 participants.

Every participant will go home with 2—17×22 inch fine art prints they created during the workshop.

Includes instruction,  classroom, lab fees, ground transportation during the workshop, and guided tour of Monument Valley (if open for tours).

Food, accommodation, and tips for the Monument Valley guide, if any, are not included in this cost.

Please read our cancellation policy before registering.

For questions please call John at (218) 830-0767.



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