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Photographing The 49th Parallel

Bottineau, North Dakota

August 18-22, 2019

Do you like to photograph old stuff? Do you like to explore abandon buildings and homes?

Then this workshop is for you! Tim Zeltinger and I have teamed up to offer this amazing experience. Tim was born and raised in north-central North Dakota and he knows just about everyone who lives within a couple hundred miles. That means we have pre-arranged permission for every planned location on this workshop. And we have planned some pretty amazing locations including: non-electrified homesteads, abandoned hotel, churches, barns, school houses, and even an abandon asylum for the insane (this complex is very large with 13 separate buildings on the campus).

These locations date back to the turn of the 19th century and even earlier. You will find the artifacts and remains of a time that was simpler but physically more demanding. The spirit of these places live on even today and you will come away from this experience with an appreciation for the amazing resilience of the hearty pioneers who settled this landscape.


This workshop is primarily a field shoot workshop. In this workshop we will learn techniques that will give your images pizzazz and impact. We will explore landscape techniques and the use of filters. You will learn how to filter for extreme lighting conditions, including indoor and outdoor locations. We will experiment with light painting and how to get the most from natural light, as well as mixing light for interior locations. There will be a classroom session on the last day with instruction on post processing your images. While the workshop is limited to 8 participants there will be two vehicles, meaning that at some locations we plan to split the group into two groups so we don’t overload certain locations.

Workshop participants are eligible for significant discounts on the Benro filter system and filters, before purchasing any filters talk with us!


We will be based out of Bottineau North Dakota. Technically we are only photographing near the 49th parallel as the entire workshop is based in the USA and we will be photographing only locations in North Dakota that range unto about 90 miles around Bottineau ND. Bottineau is about 80 miles NE of Minot ND. If you are planning to fly into Minot just let us know we can arrange for your pick up and return trip to the airport. Bottineau is approximately a 7.5 hour drive from Mpls MN.

Ground transportation is provided during the course of the workshop.

Sample Itinerary

Our schedule is subject to change. Each day we will rise early and work late, there will be plenty of opportunity for breaks, naps, and rest. There will also be plenty of opportunity to capture stunning photographs. Specific locations and times are not given because each day’s itinerary will be determined by weather, light, and subject opportunity.


Workshop fee is for tuition and guided tours to selected locations, ground transportation is provided by two large SUV’s for the course of the workshop.

Once you are enrolled we will provide hotel information where we have a block of rooms reserved.

Before signing up for a workshop please read our Cancellation Policy.

Balance is due 45 days prior to the workshop.

This is a past workshop

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