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Oregon’s Dream Coast 2024

Northern California and the Oregon Coast

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June 15-21, 2024

Oregon Dream Coast Guided Photography Workshop by John Gregor



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Availability: 1 in stock

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Cape Perpetua, Thors Well, Bandon Beach, Heceta Head, and the landmarks on the Oregon Coast read like a litany of life-list locations.  The emerald coast is a landscape photographer’s paradise and we will soak up as much of it as possible. Getting great landscape photographs requires careful planning and my preparation for the Dream Coast workshop required studying tide charts, sunrise/sunset times, and moonrise charts. Our visits to specific locations will be timed to get the most out of each location and be in the right place on the right day. Most days will begin prior to sunrise and end after sunset. There will be ample breaks for rest and image review but our primary focus will be to be in prime locations during prime light.

From lush green landscapes and shorelines to grand vista sunsets and tide pools there is an endless supply of subjects and locations on the Oregon Dream Coast. Join me for a trip of a lifetime!


Working with participants individually in the field is the hallmark of our workshops and this workshop will be no different. Instruction will include camera metering technique, composition, filtering for feeling and texture, how to select vantage points for vista landscapes, creating the intimate landscape, and much more.


Our base of operations for the first two nights will be in Cresent City, California for the Redwoods and coastal locations. From there we will move north to Bandon, Oregon for two nights where we are based for Face Rock and Bandon Beach, finally, we will go to Yachats for Heceta Head Lighthouse, Cape Perpetua, Thors Well, and several other spectacular locations.  

The central and northern portions of the Oregon Coast have spectacular tide pools with a plethora of subjects and critters to be found.


This schedule is subject to change. Each day we will rise early and work late, there will be plenty of opportunity for breaks, naps, and rest. There will also be plenty of opportunities to capture stunning photographs.  We will do our best to time our visit to Thors Well at prime time–that is one hour prior to or just after high tide and at sunset, however tidal times are predictions and optimal times might not work as planned.

June 15

3:00 pm Check In Oceanview Hotel, Crescent City CA

4:30 pm Orientation dinner at local restaurant

6:00pm Photo shoot at Beach Drive

June 16

5:00 am Sunrise photo shoot in Jeremiah Smith Redwoods

9:00 am breakfast

11:00 am Meet for mid-day tutorials Location to be announced

4:30 pm Dinner at local restaurant

6:00 pm Sunset Photo shoot at Lighthouse

June 17

5:00 am Sunrise photo shoot in Jeremiah Smith Redwoods

9:00 am breakfast

11:00 am check out of hotel and travel to Coos Bay

11-3:00 pm travel and photograph at various locations along the coast

3:00 pm Check into Edgewater Hotel at Coos Bay

5:00 pm Meet for dinner

6:30 pm Bandon Beach Sunset shoot

June 18

5:00 am Sunrise photo shoot at Shore Acres Park

9:00 am Breakfast

11:00 am midday tutorials Location to be announced

4:00 pm Dinner at local restaurant

6:00 pm Sunset Photo Shoot at Bandon Beach

June 19

6:00 am Check out of hotel and travel to morning location

7:30 am Sweet Creek Falls Photo shoot

11:00 am breakfast

12:00 noon travel and photograph along coast

3:00 pm check into Silver Surf Hotel in Yachats

6:00 pm Dinner at local restaurant

7:00 pm Photo shoot at Thors Well depending upon tide

9:00 pm Twillgiht Photo shoot Heceta Head Lighthouse

June 20

5:00 am Sunrise photo shoot Sealrock low tide

9:00 am breakfast

11:00 am Photo shoot at Heceta Head Lighthouse and Beach

5:00 pm Dinner at local restaurant

6:00 pm Sunset photo shoot at Cape Perpetua

June 21

6:00 am Optional Sunrise Photo shoot at Yachats Shoreline Park

9:00 am breakfast

10:00 am end of tour


Workshop cost: $1,695

Included in cost: directed instruction and guiding. Not included: transportation, lodging, or meals.

I have reserved the accommodations for the trip under my Hotels.com account so hotel fees will be due to ColdSnap upon completed registration. I have done this to secure the best possible price and secure rooms. If you want a list of hotels and cost just send me a message.

A nonRefundable Deposit of $200 holds your registration until 60 days prior to the workshop when the balance is due. Upon registration, you will receive information about where you can make your hotel accommodations.

Please read our cancellation policy before registering.

For more information call (218) 830-0767 or email john@coldsnapphotography.com

We are committed to guiding photographers to awe-inspiring places, where they can create masterful photos.



Availability: 1 in stock

Availability: 1 in stock

See payment details