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Indiana Jones Tour 2025

Chiapas Mexico, San Cristobal to Palenque, Chiapas Mexico

January 25-February 3 2025

The Indiana Jones Tour will deliver all the adventure you would expect from the title; rivers with crocodiles, jungles with ancient archeological ruins, exotic birds, monkeys, butterflies of every color, swinging bridges, waterfalls, and mountain landscapes. The accommodations will be plush and comfortable.

This tour will take you from the mountain town of San Cristóbal de las Casas to Palenque by way of the Guatemala border. We will be traveling entirely in Mexico.

The former colonial capital of Chiapas Mexico,San Cristóbal de las Casas is situated in the highlands. This mountain town is popular with the European and US younger crowd, giving it a very cosmopolitan flavor. It is said that the town was built on the site of ancient ruins that held good vibes and those vibes are still apparent today, with street musicians and street vendors that provide great entertainment and photographic subject matter. We will spend a few days exploring this town and the regional villages that surround it. This region in Chiapas is known for its fabrics and weavings.

Jungle and Mountains


The trip through the mountains and into the jungles will amaze you and excite your visual senses. Lofty views of the mountains and jungle rivers provide the backdrop for some of the best birding and bird photography that Mexico offers. The Scarlet Macaw, the Green Parrots, and dozens of other tropical birds are only found in this part of Mexico.

We will visit the ecolodge Las Nubes Chiapas located on the banks of the Santo Domingo river facing the waterfalls Las Nubes. Two days later we stay at the Ecolodge Las Guacamayas in the middle of the Lacondon jungle.  There will be lots to photograph here with jungle rivers, beautiful waterfalls, and howler monkeys, not to mention we will be in one of the most species-rich locations on earth for birds.

From this area, we will travel to Frontera Corozal where we will get on a boat launch for a 45-minute trip down a river with crocodiles (don’t worry you will be safe aboard the launch) to the ruins of Yaxchilan, an ancient Mayan trade center that rises out of the jungle. This amazing archeological site is worth the entire tour!

Our last destination is Palenque which is home to the ancient Mayan city of the same name. The excavated archeological site is over a mile square, with less than 10% of the original city uncovered! Large temples rise out of the jungle surroundings making for great photographic subject matter.

From Palenque, we will deliver you to the city of Villahermosa where you can catch your return flight to the US.


Tuxtla, Chiapas To Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

We will pick you up at the airport in Tuxtla and transport you to San Cristóbal de las Casas. We will be traveling along a safe route near the Guatemala border to resort locations in or near the jungle in Chiapas. At the end of the workshop, we will take you to the airport in Villahermosa Tabasco for your return flight.


We will be staying in first-rate hotels during the entire trip. We have carefully selected the accommodations for your comfort and safety. The cost is for double occupancy. The single occupancy option is $1000.


All ground transportation is provided during the workshop.



This workshop is scheduled at the ideal time for the region. Despite the Jungle environment, the conditions are very pleasant. Average highs are in the mid-’70s to low 80s, and average lows are around 60 degrees. Mid-February is the dry season so there is very little rain and almost no bugs. In the cosmopolitan mountain town of San Christobal temps are a little cooler with highs in the low 70’s and lows of about 40-50 degrees.

Physical Ability:

This workshop includes a fair amount of walking city streets or at historical locations. Typically, the streets and sidewalks are cobblestones or uneven pavement. You should expect a moderate level of physical exertion. The boat ride is on board a large and stable but open boat with cushioned seats and a shade covering.

Photographic Subject and Instruction:

During this workshop, we will provide guidance and instruction on the following styles of photographic subjects, street photography, portraits, environmental portraits, landscape photography, and bird photography. As a result, you will have the opportunity to practice and improve these skills. Bird photography will be a significant part of this trip. We will be traveling to some of the best birding locations in Mexico. If you are a novice but aspiring bird photographer, we will work with you to maximize your birding experience.


Instruction will be primarily one on one, with some group field demonstrations. While there is no classroom instruction during this workshop, we welcome the opportunity to review your work individually. We want to help you grow as a photographer.

About Your Photography Tour Guides:

John Gregor and Tomy O’Brien are award-winning photographers. Each of them has over 40 years of photographic experience. Gregor has 30 years of experience running workshops and tours, and O’Brien is fluent in conversational Spanish. Both Gregor and O’Brien are experienced travelers and travel photographers. Together they have traveled throughout Mexico, having driven over 32,000 kilometers and visited 26 of the 32 Mexican States. Their photography is published in magazines and online worldwide.

Workshop Cost:

$4295.00 USD,

The cost includes tuition, instruction, accommodations based upon double occupancy, and ground transportation to events and locations that are part of the itinerary. The cost does not include airfare, food, tips, personal purchases, or spontaneous event fees not planned as part of the itinerary.

Single Occupancy Option, $1000.00 USD

A non-refundable deposit of $500 will hold your reservation until 120 days prior to the workshop dates when the balance is due.




This is a past workshop

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