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Great American Roadtrip East Bound

Portland Oregon--Minneapolis Minnesota

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June 22-July 1, 2024



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The Great American West, few places can match it for sheer natural beauty. Few places in this country retain the indelible mark of its history like the American West. When you combine the landscape of the Great American West with the experience of a good old fashioned Road trip, the results guarantee fantastic photographic opportunities.

In 2024 I am offering two workshop experiences that are unlike any other workshop experience. These road trips are unique and the culmination of 40 years’ experience in travel, photography, and road tripping. The tours are a blend of careful planning, spontaneity, and serendipity. Limited to 3 guests for each tour will guarantee your comfort, and individual experience.

The east bound tour begins in Portland Oregon and ends in Minneapolis Minnesota. It is 10 days in duration and a little over 2000 miles total in length. The pace of travel will be leisurely, the photographic opportunities numerous. Travel will be primarily on 2 lane roads with a minimum of freeways or interstate highways. These tours will get you off the beaten path and open you to a whole new experience for seeing this country.


This is a road trip from Portland Oregon to Minneapolis Minnesota. See Itinerary section for more details.


During the tour, we will provide guidance and instruction on the following styles of photographic subjects, travel photography, environmental portraits, scenic, and landscape photography. As a result, you will have the opportunity to practice and improve these skills.

Instruction will be primarily one on one, with some group field demonstrations. The classroom will be both inside and outside the vehicle, a good road trip always includes a robust discussion of photographic subject and techniques.


This itinerary is provided to serve as a guide for your expectations.

Most days will begin early with a short drive to a local location for photography, these locations are chosen for their photogenic opportunities. Drives during the day will be disrupted by numerous stops for spontaneous photographic opportunities. Meal breaks will be provided during the day based upon availability and light conditions.

This is a tentative itinerary.

  • Day One: Portland OR to John Day Painted Hills OR
  • Day Two: Painted Hills toTimber Gulch
  • Day Three: Timber Gulch to Craters of the Moon ID
  • Day Four: Craters of the Moon to Alpine WY
  • Day Five: Alpine WY
  • Day Six: Alpine WY to Riverton WY
  • Day Seven: Riverton WY to Newcastle WY
  • Day Eight: Newcastle WY to Rapid City SD
  • Day Nine: Rapid City SD
  • Day Ten: Rapid City SD to Minneapolis MN


Accommodations and meals are not included in the listed cost. Hotels will be a combination of pre-booked and bookings made in route. This combination allows for spontaneity while maintaining comfort. Our hotels will have a rating of 8 or higher whenever possible. Costs for the hotels will be settled at the end of the trip, this allows the tour leader to book hotels efficiently and easily. The cost for the hotels will be billed to the participant with a 5% surcharge to cover financial transaction fees. Expected cost for the trip will range between $1200 and $1500 (9 nights).


Transportation is provided from Portland Oregon to Minneapolis Minnesota. If you are flying into Oregon, we can pick you up from your airport or a local hotel. If you live in the Portland metro area, we can pick you up from your home. At the end of the trip, we can drop you off at the Minneapolis Airport or a local hotel or residence.

About your guide

John Gregor has owned and operated ColdSnap Photography for over 25 years. Gregor has a Master of Education through St. Scholastica College with an emphasis in photographic literacy.  He earned a BA from the University of Minnesota with a degree through the University Without Walls program, his degree is “Documentary Expression of American Culture Through Photography” a combined degree of Social Sciences and Fine Art Photography.

Gregor is published in numerous regional and national magazines, his fine art prints are in museums and collections worldwide. He has driven well over a million miles in search of great landscape photographs. Gregor has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Tour Cost:

$3195.00 USD,

Anticipated hotel cost is $1200-$1500 for 9 nights.

The cost does not include accommodations (see above section on accommodations), airfare, food, tips, or personal purchases.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 will hold your reservation until 120 days prior to the workshop dates when the balance is due.

Maximum number of participants per tour: 3

Please contact John Gregor with any questions


Phone: (218) 830-0767




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