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Lake Superior Provincial Park

Places To Photograph:  Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Katherine CoveLake Superior Provincial Park is located in Ontario Canada, on the east end of Lake Superior. The park is known for it’s rugged misty hills, deep canyons, sand mixed with ledge rock shoreline, and swift flowing rivers.My favorite places in the park included: Old Woman’s Bay, Sand River, Katherine Cove, and the Agawa River. Val and I went in late October, due to an unseasonably late fall we still had lots of fall color. We car camped one night at Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground and woke up to 4 inches of fresh snow which made for some great photographic subject matter.Sand River Outlet  

We only spent two full days at the park and could have spent several more. The rivers are rich in photographic subject with lots of cascades and waterfalls. The shoreline was varied and interesting; it is a mix of lava-flow ledge rock and sand beaches. Lots of islands dot the shoreline and add variety to the landscape. I look forward to revisiting this location next fall.