November 2009 Newsletter - ColdSnap Photography

November 2009 Newsletter

Tomorrow is a time for reflection on the things we have to be thankful for. This year I have many: My business has expanded and is thriving, I am in good health (although I could stand to lose a few pounds.) My eldest daughter is in college and has made the Dean’s “A” Honor Roll for three straight semesters, and finally, my youngest daughter gave birth this fall to a healthy baby boy, making me a very proud grandpa!To state that this fall was busy would be an understatement. From the day I returned from Newfoundland in July until Oct 1 I had a hammer in my hand. The renovation of my home into a home with a portrait studio, the renovation and expansion of Waterfront Gallery, and the creation of a ColdSnap Photography storefront kept me busy, however, I am proud to announce for the first time in ColdSnap’s fifteen year existence it has a storefront complete with sign. The redesigned classroom has been a joy to teach in.Storefront

This month’s newsletter has two short tutorials on:  “Understanding Color; the key to fine art printing”, and “Places to Photograph; Lake Superior”.
I am also announcing two new exciting photography workshops:
“Lake Superior: The Circle Tour” a 9 day photographic adventure, and “People and Place” a 3 day environmental portrait workshop.

Due to an administrative gliche my website cannot be updated with new workshop information until Dec 1st, 2009. In the meantime if you would like any additional information please email me or call me at the information listed below.
Feel free to email me with your suggestions and comments about these newsletters I enjoy hearing from you.
Happy Thanksgiving!

John Gregor
November 2009