November 2008 Newsletter - ColdSnap Photography

November 2008 Newsletter

Winter is in the air up here in the north-country. I am rushing to finish the last of my commercial projects before end of the season (ok I am pushing the season a little.) I look forward to that brief Badlands Landscapeperiod of time between the holidays when my commercial season has ended and the new year has not yet kicked into full swing. I can sleep in a few extra mornings, relax over a hot cup of tea and reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and worry a little about what the new year may bring.
A couple of weeks back Waterfront Gallery hosted a seminar on historic photographic processes and digital preservation of contemporary images. This seminar was very well attended and the subject matter was well received. I have decided to reprint the notes from my presentation in this newsletter. Digital preservation is the Achilles Heel of the digital process, it is curious to me that the camera magazine press has not given this important subject more attention.

John Gregor

Two Harbors MN