March 2009 Newsletter - ColdSnap Photography

March 2009 Newsletter


 Temperance River Outlet
The really big news this month is the addition of a new REI “Art of Seeing” workshop in Chicago IL! The new Lincoln Park REI store has chosen to offer Chicago area residents our popular two day digital photography workshop. We have worked with the Bloomington MN REI for almost 10 years offering a springtime photography workshop. Randy and I are excited to bring this workshop to a new market.
This month’s newsletter offers my opinions about camera club competitions. Always a controversial subject but I thought I would add my 2 cents worth. The technical section is about camera controls.
After a brief warming trend the north country has returned to typical winter temperatures. The lake has ice formations once again. Typically the first week or two of March is good stack ice season–in fact many of you may recall that in last month’s newsletter I was proclaiming an excellent year for stack ice. Our recent warming trend melted most of the ice that had formed on the lake. The lesson here is: you can never predict what the lake will do.
As always I appreciate your comments, and suggestions. If you come up north the teapot in the gallery is always on.

John Gregor