February 2009 Newsletter - ColdSnap Photography

February 2009 Newsletter

We are in the midst of a good old fashioned Minnesota winter; so far we have had about 3 1/2 to 4 feet of snow and the mercury  has been below zero most mornings. Lake Superior continues the slow process of freezing over. This winterSpruce and Birch in Snowwe may experience the unusual event of a completely frozen lake. The ice offers great photographic opportunity, in fact there are several spots along the shore where the stack ice has begun to form already.
Our gallery opening for the Bluefin Bay Calendar Contest Winners/Kathy Wurzer book signing was a great success. The gallery was busy all evening and the wine and cider was flowing. We have a few copies of Wurzer’s book “Tales of the Road” available for sale–it is getting hard to find. I have yet to have a chance to crack open mine, but I am looking forward the read.
This newsletter includes a tutorial on “Image Sharpening Using Photoshop Camera Raw” a much misunderstood, yet critically important aspect of fine art image creation.
In addition with this newsletter I am announcing a new  streamlined 3 day workshop; Wildflowers, Waterfalls and Lakescapes, June 19-21. This workshop is designed to maximize your field experience yet allow for a very informative day of Photoshop tutorial.
As always I appreciate your comments, and suggestions. If you come up north the teapot in the gallery is always on.

John Gregor