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Depth of Field and Plane of Focus

Selecting a proper f-stop to give the image proper depth of field is also dependent upon what your plane of focus is. Most DSLR’s are equipped with a depth of field preview capability. If your camera does not have this capability there is a work around for most cameras; push the lens release button like you are going to remove your lens, turn the lens very slightly until the aperture stops down, to return to the open position turn the lens back to its locked position. Make sure you have your lens in the locked position before you take the picture. Depth of field preview is critical for close-up work. If you enjoy this work and your camera doesn’t have a depth of field preview you probably will want to get a new camera that does. The depth of field shooting mode is a worthless mode as far as I am concerned. Most depth of field considerations are during close-up work in the field–wildflowers, insects, or other small subjects. Most of the time these subjects are susceptible to wind or subject movement. If you are using the “depth of field program mode” you are not controlling the exact moment that the image is being created, therefore wind or subject movement may cause a problem that you are unaware of.