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Copper Canyon, World Of Wonders

This is the second posting in a series about the trip to Mexico that I am co-leading with John Gregor, March 20-29, 2022.

After enjoying Alamos, Mexico, for three days, we drive two and a half hours to El Fuerte through rich farmlands. El Fuerte is the second Pueblo Magico, or magic city, we visit. It is so designated because she was for three centuries the commercial and agricultural center of northern Mexico, and the former state capital of lands reaching well into Arizona.

Today, El Fuerte is a lush, colorful town with excellent hotels, desert gardens, a beautiful museum in the old fort, and delightful colonial architecture. We will be staying at the five-star Hidalgo Hotel that has a restaurant Anthony Bourdain claimed had the best prawns in the world, I don’t know about that, but they were terrific. In the morning we will rise early to board El Chepe – Mexico’s only remaining passenger train for an unforgettable ride through Copper Canyon.

This train ride explores for eight hours the largest and deepest canyon in North America. Yes, you read that. It is much bigger than the Grand Canyon and is just as impressive in a very different way. The geography of Copper Canyon is more of a plate tectonic fold structure than the erosion marvel that is the Grand Canyon. We get to see the side canyons, waterfalls, rivers, and indigenous villages twice. The day ends in Divisadero, Mexico, where we will sleep on the edge of the canyon with one of the world’s great views. These two days are full of sights, sounds, and photographic opportunities. Come join us! I guarantee you will have a good time.🙂Tomy and John