Cooper Canyon, A world of wonders. - ColdSnap Photography

Cooper Canyon, A world of wonders.

Cooper Canyon, photo by John Gregor

I am starting a short series about the trip I am co-leading with John Gregor to Mexico on March 20-29, 2022.

This first part is about the city of Alamos, Mexico, where we will spend three nights after picking up our guests in Hermosillo. Alamos is a Pueblo Magico, or magic city, and is so designated because of its extraordinary architecture and historical significance.

Hotel Lobby, photo by Tomy O’Brien

This intimately laid out village of rock, cobblestone and classic Andalusian architecture has not succumbed to the commercialism of the 20th century. She features many Spanish colonial-era mansions and verandas. With her markets and church bells ringing, Alamos is exactly what I look for on a travel adventure; she is peaceful, beautiful, and photogenic. But there is more! Located at the latitude of South Padre Island, Texas, Alamos has a dry warm climate moderated by its location 1300’ up the western slope of the Sierra Madre mountains. This geography supplies gorgeous reasons for visiting. It is located in the only tropical deciduous forest in Sonora and given its remoteness serves as the finest birding location in the western mountains. The Cuchujaqui Natural Protected Area is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and serves up spectacular birding opportunities along its arroyos. Parrots, Macaws, Motmots, and Trogan – birds that one normally has to travel much further south in Mexico to locate can be found here. We will be dedicating significant time to exploring these arroyos and also residing at El Pedregal – a luxury retreat devoted to birding.

Hummingbird, photo by Tomy O’Brien

Come join us! I will guarantee you a good time.

To follow: El Fuerte – another Pueblo MagicoEl Chepe and Copper Canyon- North America’s greatest train ride. Creel- Indigenous town in the mountains