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Auto Focus or Manual?

Where are most of the auto focus sensors in your camera’s viewfinder? They are located in the middle third to half of the viewfinder. Where is the least desirable place to put your Wild Geraniumprimary subject in the composition of your photograph? That’s right; in the middle of your frame.

In close up or macro photography, when  depth of field considerations are critical, determining the exact plane of focus that is proper for the depth of field you are using can only be done while the camera is in manual focus mode.

If your subject is not in danger of walking, running or flying away there is no reason to use auto-focus. Even in those situations where the above may be true you are probably better off using manual focus and letting the action come into the plane of focus  as you take the picture.

 Nothing can replace good camera technique it is the bedrock of every great photograph made, either by accident or design.