April 2009 Newsletter - ColdSnap Photography

April 2009 Newsletter

 Dutchmans Breeches
OK, I will admit it; I am ready for spring. I am looking for those wonderful spring photographic opportunities where the foreground light is vibrant, crisp and clear, and the sky is dark and foreboding with the promise of a spring thunderstorm. I can’t wait to venture into the woods and get muddy laying on my belly to photograph a clump of Dutchman’s Breeches, or Hepatica. Bring it on I say–I am Ready!
This year we are offering two wildflower workshops; “Spring Ephemeral Color” May 7-10 in southern Minnesota, and “Wildflowers, Waterfalls, and Landscapes” June 19-21 in northern Minnesota. Both of these workshops promise to be fun and educational.
 I was born in Rochester Minnesota, my ancestors settled in that region of the state. As far as I am concerned springtime in Southeast Minnesota is the best time of the year there. I get very nostalgic whenever I go back to that region, particularly in the spring. We have scouted some great locations for these workshops, including a few spots that are well off the beaten path.
April 4th is the TCACCC’s Annual Spring Break at Tarten Park. I will be in attendance as a vendor, if you are going to be there stop by our booth and say hello.

John Gregor