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Webliography Of Photographic Resources For Define Space Define Place

Click! is a website that demonstrates how photography can change everything; who we are, what we do, what we see, where we go, what we want, and what we remember. Click! is the brain child of the Smithsonian Institute. Started in 2009 this web-based media project allows students to explore and discover the profound impact photographic images have on our perception of reality. This resource will provide valuable context for students as they think about making and sequencing images about their relationship to where they live.

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Short courses is a series of short overviews that deal with the basics of photographic technique, including everything from “Using Your Digital Camera” to “Digital Photography Workflow.” This website will provide valuable basic information to students who need refreshers or more in-depth information about topics covered during lectures or web based instruction. Students can choose which area they need help with and then follow a step by step instructional article on that topic area.

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Photonet is perhaps the oldest and largest photography forum on the internet. The community forum has thousands of members which means that when you post a question you are sending it to thousands of people for their opinion. This site also contains reviews and opinions a wide variety of equipment, software and techniques. If there is a topic, technique, or equipment question it has probably been posted in the “Forum” section of this website. Users should keep in mind that the information contained in the forums can come from a wide variation of photographic experience and perspectives.

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Luminous Landscape is a website that like Photonet contains reviews on a wide variety of equipment, software, and techniques, the primary difference is that Luminous Landscape is the work of Michael Reichmann and his selected associates. Mr. Reichmann is a highly regarded professional photographer. This website will prove to be a valuable resource for specific questions relating to particular photographic situations or techniques.

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ColdSnap is the course instructor’s website. In addition to great photographs in the portfolio section the website contains a collection of articles about several topics relating to: camera technique, digital workflow, equipment, photographic vision, and places to photograph. These articles are a great resource for additional information or study.

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Picasa is a website for a free image editing software that most of the students will be using for the course. Picasa software allows students to download, edit, and sequence images. This software allows the viewer to crop, color balance, rate, and retouch images. As all students will be required to download, rate, edit, retouch, and sequence their images this website offers free software that will accomplish these tasks.

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Voicethread is a website that will allow students to post and comment on each other’s photographs. This great resource allows for free-flowing critique and review of images using a variety of tools including doodling, voice comment, and text. Reviewing and responding to a visual art-form like photography works best with a free flow of ideas and expressions. Voicethread with its easy to use tools allows for expressive response and reflection of individual images. Students can set up their own account or access the instructor’s account to review images posted for class review.

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Flickr is a website for uploading, posting, and sharing photographs. Students can create accounts where they can share photos with each other. This website has apps for photo sharing in Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, iphone, Android and more. Students can use these services free or purchase selected apps or services on an as needed basis.  In addition the Flickr site has over 5 billion photos in archives for research and discovery.

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Shutterbug is a website that contains a variety of resources for the student photographer including equipment reviews, techniques, photography blogs and much more. Shutterbug is a resource for those students who want more information about a particular photographic technique or equipment.

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Photography.com is another basic information site similar to Shortcourses. Both sites have clear and easy to understand tutorials about photography while Photography.com is a bit more comprehensive in coverage including a section on history and some tutorials that are offered as videos.

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