May 2010 Newsletter - ColdSnap Photography

May 2010 Newsletter

Spring has arrived.

This year I am fortunate as I landed photography contracts with two organizations that I admire and respect; The Nature Conservancy, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Scientific and Natural Areas. My contracts are to photograph selected nature preserves. Included in one of the contracts is language that I must (where possible)” walk the preserve site from north to south and east to west.” Rugged duty-going for a walk in the woods, but someone has to do it-right?  While I will not get rich on the money from these contracts I enjoy spending the time in the woods photographing and contributing to the efforts of the above mentioned professional organizations.

This season promises to be a busy one as I have filled; the Minneapolis “Art of Seeing”, the “Wildflowers & Waterfalls, and the “Summer Reflections” workshops. The “Circle Tour Workshop “and the “People and Place Workshop” still have spots available. All of these workshops promise to be exciting, fun, and educational experiences. In addition I am pleased to announce a new “Art of Seeing” workshop in conjunction with the Paramount Visual Arts Center in St Cloud Minnesota. For more information or to enroll go to the Paramount Arts website, or call Derick at (320) 257-5928.

In this newsletter I am continuing the series on composition with an article on “Composition; Creating Space In Your Photographs,” I have also included an article about geo-tagging your photographs.   

If you come up north stop by the gallery–the teapot is always on.

John Gregor