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Places To Photograph Spring Wildflowers

Places To Go For Spring Wildflowers

Originally posted April 2010

Here are a few of my favorite places to photograph spring ephemeral wildflowers in Southern Minnesota:

False Rue Anemone

Nerstrand Woods State Park-The classic location in Minnesota, it is situated in the heart of the “Big Woods” region of Southern Minnesota near Faribault.

Riverbend Nature Center-situated next to Faribault-several miles of trails with a great variety of spring wildflowers.

Rice County Caron Park–is a great place to explore-it is typically much less travelled than Nerstrand  or Riverbend yet offers the same wildflower opportunities.

Carley State Park-Bluebells, bluebells, bluebells! One of my most favorite locations. Located just a couple miles outside of Plainview, where they host the Bluebell Festival, this year it is May 7th.

Whitewater State Park-In the heart of bluff country Whitewater State Park has great spring wildflowers and right behind the visitors center is a bird-feeding station which you will want to photograph. They attract hundreds of birds of amazing diversity.

Beaver Creek Valley State Park-In the very south east of the state. This park has the most spectacular displays of False Rue Anemone that I have ever seen anywhere.

Prairie locations:

Prairie Coteau SNA–Located in the SW corner of the state, this SNA is a great location for a diverse population of prairie wildflowers including; Prairie Smoke, Pasque Flowers, White Lady Slippers and much more.

Cottonwood Prairie SNA– Located not far from Red Rock Prairie Preserve and the Jeffers Petroglyphs this location is a three for one deal! I love the subtle landforms and diversity of plants found at all three locations.

Jeffers Petroglyphs

Red Rock Prairie Preserve (TNC)

Mound Prairie SNA–located in the SE corner of Minnesota this SNA has a wonderful population of the Prairie Jeweled Shooting Star, one of my favorite wildflowers to photograph.